Allianz E-Hailing Insurance

E-hailing Insurance by Allianz is to support Allianz’s Customer venturing into the e-hailing business.  As announced by the Transport Minister on 12 July 2018. E-Hailing is now legalized in Malaysia and e-hailing drivers will be subjected to the several conditions, one of it is E-Hailing Insurance, that provide coverage for the driver, passengers and Third Party.

The earlier challenge prior to this is that Private Vehicle registered for Private use cannot be use for e-hailing (for Hire, Reward).  By using one private vehicle to ferry passenger for reward and collecting fare will breach the Private Motor Insurance Coverage.  Thus, in the event of an accident, Insurance companies will not compensate for any loss or damages to vehicle used for e-hailing.

With the regulation set up by the Ministry of Transport, Allianz customer can now opt for e-hailing add-on to their existing Motor Comprehensive policy to protect themselves and abide to the requirement set by the Ministry of Transport.

Allianz E-Hailing Add-on comes with the following benefits:

  1. Loss or damage to your own car
  2. Liability to Third Party
  3. Legal liability to fare-paying passengers
  4. Personal Accident cover of RM50,000 due to accidental injury or death of the authorised e-hailing driver
  5. Legal liability of fare paying passengers for negligent act

Thus, if you are using your vehicle for e-hailing, please make sure you opt for Allianz e-hailing coverage.
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