insurance for bus sekolah

Are you a bus sekolah operator and you have difficultcy getting insurance for your bus sekolah? No worries, we can help you. Allianz General Insurance does offer Insurance for Bus Sekolah, in fact, not just bus sekolah, we also do insurance arrangement for Travel Tour Buses etc.

The best part is that we offer online support, thus, even if you are in Penang, Johor, Kelantan or Sabah and Sarawak, we are still able to serve you. In fact, we have many clients from all over Malaysia, and many of them has been with us from 2012.

Just send us your bus sekolah detail and we will send you the official quotation from Allianz General Insurance. If you are agreeable, simple transfer the premium to our account and your cover note will be issued immediately. Simple and fast, without you running around in search of agent.

To get a quotation, simple send your Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) or previous year cover note to us. You can either email to us at support{@} or via Whatsapp to 013 3521318.

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Whatsapp for faster Renewal Service! go to [] if your insurance has not expired, otherwise, provide Name, NRIC, Car Number and address for a manual quotation.