Travel Insurance

Have a complete peace of mind and fully enjoy your trip knowing that you are well covered for any incidents or inconvenience with Allianz Travel Insurance. One of the best travel insurance plan in Malaysia.

Allianz Travel Insurance known as Allianz Travel Care will take care of any flight delays, cancellation, lost of passport or luggages. Allianz Travel Care too provides international medical coverage 24 hours a day! Anything can happens and should it happens, you would not want to be left helpless in a foreign country. Taking up a Travel Insurance would assured you that you are not alone and help is always there.

Allianz Travel Care offers the following benefits/Coverages:

1. Personal Accident
2. Funeral Expenses
3. Medical Expenses (oversea coverage only)
4. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
5. Mortal Remains Repatriation
6. Follow up Treatment (oversea coverage only)
7. Luggage Delay
8. Travel Delay
9. Deposit or Trip Cancellation (oversea coverage only)
10.Personal Luggage or Personal Effects (oversea coverage only)
11.Travel Documents (oversea coverage only)
12.Missed Departure / Travel connection (oversea coverage only)
13.Travel Overbook (oversea coverage only)
and many many more….Download the full brochure here for complete information.

The best part is that you can now get your Travel Insurance instantly. Complete a simple form and proceed with payment to have your travel insurance instantly issued on the spot.

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