Upon agreeing to the quotation and premium amount, you will receive an invoice sent to your email with the payment amount via a secure link from Paypal which you can then pay with Credit Card (or Paypal balance if you have one).

Alternatively, we may opt for SenangPay to accept your credit card payment.  You will receive an email from us that contains a URL that direct you to SenangPay’s Secure Payment system to make payment via your credit card.  You will require to request for a TAC before your credit card payment can be processed.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will proceed to issue your insurance policy (under-written by Allianz) at the same time update to JPJ and sent you the cover note once it is successful. With the insurance cover note, you can proceed to renew your car road tax.

Your Credit Card payment will be processed by PayPal / SenangPay, and you will be directed to their Secured Site to provide your credit card information. We do not have access to your card information.

Payment via Credit Card is only applicable for insurance premium not less than RM500.

To Start your insurance renewal with us, please submit your information to us here.


If you opt to make payment via Bank Transfer, Kindly let us know after you transfer your premium to us so that we are able to trace your payment and proceed to issue your policy.

Maybank – 512802525799
CIMB Bank – 800 9234 298

Kang Weng Khiang – ROB Business Number 002146765-P
Authorised Allianz Agent Code: SC80114

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Whatsapp for faster Renewal Service! go to [] if your insurance has not expired, otherwise, provide Name, NRIC, Car Number and address for a manual quotation.