• What if the other party at fault did not make police report?

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    We are all law abiding citizen and we know that when we are involved in an accident, we will have to make a police report within 24 hours.

    Irregardless of who is at fault, we would expect both parties to make a police report, so that either party can proceed with their insurance claim.  For third party claim, apart from own police report, one will have to wait for the final investigation result report (Keputusan Kes) from the police investigation officer. This Keputusan Kes can only be completed after the investigating officer received both parties police report.

    So, if you are involved in an accident and you are not at fault, but the other party refuse to make a police report, your insurance claim against Third Party Insurance may be complicated as without an investigation result report, you cannot file claim against the other party.

    If you have the other party contact information, such as NRIC copy, photos of the accident scene with the other party vehicle number clearly seen etc, the investigating officer will attempt to contact the other party, as it is an offence not to make a report.

    Assuming that the other party failed to make a police report and no investigation result report available. To file for a Third Party claim (not own damage claim as it will affect your NCD) will need you to make a Statutory Declaration that you are not at fault and all information provided to the police is true.

    With your police report, statutory declaration, copy of vehicle ownership certificate, copy of driving license and NRIC, supported with accident scenes photos etc You can then file to Third Party Insurance for your damages.

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