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    Posted on January 3, 2022 by in Insurance tip

    Domestic maids are now required to be covered under the Social Security Organization (Socso). Under the Employees’ Social Security Act 1969, domestic maids will be covered under the Employment Injury Scheme and Invalidity Scheme, which will help ease the burdens faced by both the employers and affected workers including in medical expenses.

    Employers may face compounds for failure to register their domestic workers under the Acts and upon conviction, face a maximum penalty of two years’ jail and RM10,000 fine.

    In the past, employers only need to purchase Domestic Maid Insurance, which come with Personal Accident coverage, Medical Expenses, Repatriation Expenses, Hospitalization & Surgical etc.  It is also a requirement for the foreign maid visa in Malaysia. This is to ensure the foreign maid or housekeeper has financial cover for injuries, disability or death caused by violence or accidents. This is a requirement for employing a foreign maid or housekeeper in Malaysia.

    With the introduction of Socso, there seems to have some overlapping coverages, so naturally, you may be asking, do you still need a Domestic Maid Insurance when you are contributing to Socso at the same time?

    Well, Socso is a new ruling introduced to ensure all domestic workers are covered, be they being local citizen or foreigners, while as the Domestic Maid Insurance is compulsory for visa renewal/application as required by the immigrant department.

    So, in our opinion, it is both required if you are hiring a foreign maid.

    Don’t worry about the overlapping coverages, you would appreciate the additional coverage when it comes to claim. It is always better to have more coverage then realizing that you have insufficient cover.

    Anyway, the insurance premium for a Domestic Maid Insurance is not a lot. Costing less than RM100 per year.

    If you need a Domestic Maid Insurance, do whatsapp to us at 016 3333 513 for a free quote!

    Should you also take up a Hospitalization & Surgery Insurance for your maid?  You should be aware that the hospitalization & surgery cover under the Domestic Maid Insurance is very little, usually only about RM3,000 only. You may want to consider taking up a Foreign Worker Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA) which come with RM20,000 cover for a premium of about RM120 / year.


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