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It will be a good choice to choose Allianz as Allianz is the market leader for Malaysia Motor Insurance.  Allianz is the preferred choice for many Malaysian, in fact globally, is because of Allianz good claim / payout record and excellent service level.

While you may be comparing prices among insurance companies, we urge you to consider the more than just prices. You should consider below factors when deciding which insurance companies to insure with:

  • Market Position
  • Reputation
  • Service Level
  • Financial Position

Market Position
Allianz is the market leader in Malaysia Motor Insurance. Without the right products and service level, it would not be possible to be the leader in such competitive market. Insured your vehicle with Allianz could not be a better choice.

Allianz is not just a reputable company in Malaysia. In fact, it is the world’s largest insurance company, the largest financial services group and the largest company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine.

Service Level
Insuring your motor insurance with Allianz and expect great support from Allianz agents and Allianz dedicated Customer services. We, as Allianz agent, can be reached all the time by simply dropping us a mail, or call us for assistance. Alternatively, you can reach for Allianz 24 Customer Service hotline.

Financial Position
The last thing you want is an insurance company trying to cut corners and not compensating your loss in full, or drag your claim and hesitate payment settlement. The amount of trouble and time you need to go through may not justified the premium you pay for earlier.

With majority of Malaysians drivers choosing Allianz, you know Allianz would be the right choice.

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