Professional Indemnity Insurance

In today era where consumers are increasing aware of their rights, fueled by easy access to information. Professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Architects etc face increasing risk of being sued by dissatisfied clients, especially when they suffer financial losses or others forms of injury or damage to properties. Hence it is extremely important that all these professionals are aware of these risks and protect themselves with a Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Being Professionals, the expectations from client would be high. They expect and demand that professionals perform and execute their duties well with special skills, competency and with reasonable care. Falling short of these expectation, or with slight suspicion of negligence, client would not hesitate to seek liability compensation or pursue lawsuit alleging breach of professional duty.

We can arrange for Professional Indemnity Insurance from Allianz to shield you from these risk exposure.

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REASONS to take up a Professional Indemnity Insurance:
1. Being Human, we never know when an act of Negligent may occur, no matter how careful we are.
2. Customers are getting more demanding today with expectation ever growing, you cannot stop them from suing if they feel they have the need to.
3. Lawyers are getting smarter and charging on a “win case” basis (a percentage of the judgement settlement)
4. A liability suit could destroy a business built over the years

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