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    Are you searching for the best car insurance company to insure your vehicle? With so many general insurance companies in Malaysia, you will be overwhelm with the many choices. In this articles, we shall discuss what you should pay attention to when deciding which insurance companies would be the best choice for your motor car insurance.

    While most people will take the premium as number one priority in deciding which insurance companies they will renew their car insurance with. Buying the cheapest car insurance may not necessary be the best choice. When evaluating which car insurance to insured with, you should take into consideration of many things that you will not foresee immediately, such as:

    1. Claim Process
    2. Claim duration
    3. Customer-oriented Service

    Car Insurance is to protect you against the risk of loss upon unfortunate event of accident. Your car insurance policy will only come when you need them most. The last thing you want is to be left alone to face the problem yourself, which no one to really hand-hold you and guide you.

    You have to decide if getting the cheapest premium is actually best for you. The cheapest premium may be possible if you buy directly with some insurance companies without the service of an agent. The insurance customer service will be your only source of reference when you need any assistance.

    Some insurance company like Allianz General Insurance does not adopt the direct approach, whereby you cannot buy Allianz Car Insurance directly. You have to seek the service of Allianz agent to be insured with Allianz. This is because Allianz believe in providing better service through the active service of Allianz agents.

    Claim Process
    The biggest headache you want to avoid is to have your claim held and you have no one except a toll-free number to call to check on your claim process. Ask around and check among your friends and relatives if they have any bad claim experiences with any specific insurance companies. Avoid them even if their premium is cheaper.

    Established general insurance work hard in building their reputation. Allianz General Insurance which is the market leader in Malaysia, pre-approved all claim below RM15,000 upon submission at Allianz Panel workshops, so the panel workshop can immediate commence repair work. For claim estimate exceeding RM15,000, a loss-adjuster will be dispatched within 24 hours to expedite your claim.

    Claim Duration
    If you have purchase your car insurance without the service of an agent, you will have to call the insurance companies customer service toll-free number to check on your claim status regularly.

    Allianz has invested heavily in customer service facilities. Upon the submission and approval of your claim, you will receive an SMS from Allianz and a follow-up call. When your vehicle is ready for collection, you will also be contacted to see if you wish to self collect the vehicle from the workshop or have it delivered to you, sparing you the hassle. All these benefits and convenience are something that you will not see upfront when deciding which insurance companies to insure with.

    Customer Oriented Service
    What else is the insurance companies doing to protect your interest? While most insurance companies does nothing more, Allianz General Insurance invested heavily in Customer-Oriented Service known as Allianz Road Ranger, which has focus in offering you the best service experience. No other insurance companies offer such service comparable to Allianz.

    Allianz Road Rangers will be dispatched to assist you once you call for Allianz Road Assist in the event of an accident. The first to reach you will be Allianz Bike Ranger, who will ensure you are safe and accompanied you till Allianz truck truck arrived. Allianz Tow Truck will tow your car to a police station to lodge a police report, whereby a Allianz concierge will be stationed to assist you in your police report. After lodging the report, Allianz will provide you e-hailing voucher to see you get home without worrying.

    When your vehicle is repaired, you will be notified and arrangement can be made to have your car delivered to your house or office. Totally hassle free for you.

    Thus, in conclusion, do not just compare on pricing, because what you are buying is about the claim experience when your vehicle is met with an accident.

    Below is the video clip about Allianz Road Ranger

    Allianz Road Rangers

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