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    ‘Bike Warrior’ is a Personal Accident and Roadside Assistance product for those who own superbikes that are 250cc and above.  With just RM150 a year (including stamp duty), it has many benefits in terms of road side assistance, personal accident as well as other benefits.

    In terms of road side assistance, ‘Bike Warrior’ is a super biker’s preferred partner on the road; providing 24-hours emergency towing and minor roadside repairs for 365 days a year, anywhere in Malaysia. ‘Bike Warrior’ also provides up to 2 hours of minor roadside repair service without any labour charges.  In case of a breakdown, roadside assistance arrangement such as car rental, hotel accommodation and taxi services reimbursement can be made with super bikers being covered as far as Singapore and Thailand.

    ‘Bike Warrior’ also provides Personal Accident benefits should the unforeseen such as death or permanent disability occur due to an accident. It covers medical expenses and provides assurance in terms of some compensation for corrective cosmetic surgery to the neck or head due to injury caused by accident. Another additional benefit that we would like to highlight is that ‘Bike Warrior’ provides flood coverage of up to RM1,500 if the superbike is damaged by flood.

    Allianz Roadside assistance product for car owner is known as Enhanced Road Warrior. Read more about Enhanced Road Warrior Here

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