• Cloned car seized in Kulim

    Posted on June 1, 2016 by in General News

    KULIM: A 31-year-old nurse from Penang was puzzled as to why she had been receiving traffic summonses for her Toyota Wish over the last four months.

    cloned carShe wanted to sell the car but before she could do that, a police officer called to tell her that they had detained a 19-year-old factory worker for driving a vehicle of a similar model with the same colour and number plate.

    The detained suspect is expected to be charged in court today under the Section 29(1) of the Small Offences Act 1955 for having stolen items or obtaining the items through illegal means.

    Kulim Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Baruddin Wariso said police moved in on him over suspected drug-related activities at about 1.30pm on Sunday.

    “We found nothing in his car. But a check with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) showed no details of its engine and chassis number in the database.

    “That raised our suspicion. The registration number of the car belonged to a woman in Penang.

    “We have since impounded the car,” he said when contacted.

    DSP Baruddin said police were now tracing the seller of the cloned car, adding that the woman had also come forward to assist in the investigation.

    “The woman was so relieved after learning about the arrest. She received summonses for speeding and parking offences which she had never committed,” he said.

    DSP Baruddin said they also seized another cloned car from a 35-year-old man in the district last month.

    He said police found Erimin-5 pills and syabu in another Toyota Wish driven by the man, who was with his
    girlfriend, during a drug raid and added the suspect had a record related to drug activities cases.

    DSP Baruddin advised people to verify with JPJ before they bought cheap luxury cars.

    “Besides, car owners who receive traffic summonses for offences they have never committed can also go to the nearest police stations to check on the status of the summonses.

    “The offence could have been committed by another unscrupulous driver using the same registration number plate as the victim,” he said.

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