• My car Insurance expired!

    Posted on May 30, 2016 by in Insurance tip

    Let’s hope that you find out about your car insurance had expired when you check out your road tax disc, and not being told that your car insurance has expired when you are involved in an accident.

    It is not uncommon that to be in a situation where you are involved in an accident without insurance, and seriously, you would not want to be in that situation.

    Your road tax and car insurance are usually the same period, so, if your insurance expired, it is very likely that your road tax lapsed too.  Driving without a valid road tax is an offence, same to without insurance.

    If you are stop by a police without a valid road tax, you will be fined and you should quickly renewed your car insurance so that you can renew your road tax.  It is not that bad compared to you getting involved in an accident, where you do not have an insurance.  Worst, if you are the party at fault.

    The implication of driving without a valid insurance is very serious, as you are not just endangering yourself but all other road users.  If you are involved in an accident, you will be held accountable for the loss the other party suffer, so, depending on the seriousness of the damage, you will have to compensate for the loss.  A minor dent may cost you a few hundred. A serious knock would see you paying more for your own loss and third party.

    If you are involved in a fatal accident, where it is your fault, and someone died because of your negligence, and you are without insurance, you will be in deep trouble.  You will be liable to compensate the loss, which may be a few hundred thousands, or in million if someone died.  Without insurance, you are deem to self-insure thus, liable for third party losses.  As the losing party cannot claim for their lost against your insurance company, since you have none, their only option will be filing a legal case against you.

    It is never wise to allow your car insurance to lapse.  Renewing your car insurance is very simple and can be done online at anytime.



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