• New Motor Tariff from 23 Feb 2015

    Posted on February 16, 2015 by in Industry News

    Effective 23 February 2015, there will be an increased in the motor tariffs, thus expect to pay more premium if your insurance expired after 23 February 2015.  If you wish to save on the motor premium, you can renewed your car insurance before 23 February to enjoy the last year rate.

    While it is expected all insurance companies will start imposing the new tariffs from 23 Feb onwards, Allianz however will only start to impose this new tariffs from 09 March 2015 onward.  This is done in consideration that earlier quotations may have been quoted based on the old tarrifs.  This is Allianz way of honouring past quotation.  If your car insurance is expiring soon, you may want to renew them now to enjoy the old tariffs and save a little.

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