• Special Perils Insurance to cover flash flood

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    Thunder storms, heavy rain and low laying areas around Klang Valley frequently lead to flash flood and turns open car parks and basement into swimming pools. Despite the SMART tunnel, sudden heavy rain fall will quickly leads to river bank overflows, resulting in flash flood that comes and subside. It may come and go within hours, but it will leave behind rows and rows of strangled vehicles.

    If your car is not submerged in water, you may be considered lucky and just need to spend hundred to wash out the mud and polish your car. But, if it is submerged in water, flooded your car engine, then you will have to pay heavily for engine overhaul and that will easily come in the thousands.

    Apart from flood, thunder storms usually come together with strong winds and trees up-rooted here and there. In an unfortunate event that these trees / branches damaged your vehicle, you will suffer huge loss, unless you have take up additional insurance coverage particularly Special Peril, which covers floods, landslides, storms etc

    Special Perils are additional coverage which provide you with great protection against unexpected nature events. Have a greater piece of minds knowing that you are well cover in Malaysia tropical weather.

    Coverage for Special Perils is only 0.5% of your sum insured.  If your vehicle is insured for RM50,000. This add-on coverage will cost you RM250.  However, since Dec 2017, Allianz has revised the premium for Special Perils to just 0.25% of your sum insured.

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