• What to do when you are involved in an accident

    Posted on January 7, 2013 by in Insurance tip

    We all hate talking about this, but we all know, Accident does happen. That is partially why and how insurance is created. To protect you against unexpected loss. In the event that you are involved in an accident, stay claim and remember to gather the below necessary information to help in your insurance claim.

    1) Ensure that you are away from future danger
    Pull your car from the accident spot to the side (if possible) to ensure that you and your passenger is away from potential danger. Inspect your car’s damage as well as the other party involved.

    2) Get the detail of the parties involved
    Get to know the other driver’s name, IC number as well as the car registration number. Note these detail down or take a photo-shot of these with your mobile phone. Get their contact number as well.

    3) Take note of the accident location
    This is necessary when you are making a police report. Your report should include the accident location and how the accident happened. You will need this detail to help in proving your innocent.

    4) Get hold of eye witness if possible
    If you have eye witness who witnessed the whole incident, it will be helpful in proving your innocent and there will be no need for argument as well as blaming from other involving parties.

    5) Make a police report
    You are required by law to make a police report within 24 hours of the accident. The police report is needed for insurance claim. In the police report, describe how the accident possibly happened and provide eye witness’s detail if available.

    6) Informed your Insurance Company
    Your insurance company should be informed of the accident and depending if you are claiming the other’s party insurance or yours own. You can claim against your own insurance without losing your NO-Claim Discount (NCD) if you are not at fault of the accident. Similarly, you can claim the other’s party insurance, if you wish too. However, claiming with your own insurance should be a better option as it should be faster.

    7) Tow / Send your Car to panel workshop
    Most insurance company offers free towing service. Call your insurance company and have your car towed to their appointed panel workshop. Do not send your car to your usual workshop unless it is a panel workshop appointed by your insurance company. All repairs must be done by the insurance panel workshop.

    8) Make arrangement for your travel when your car is in workshop
    During the repairing period, you may still need to travel to work, but with your car in workshop, you can consider renting a car, similar to yours in capacity. Keep receipts of the rental charges, as you can claim these back.

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