• Don’t Engage Third Party Tow Truck Service

    Posted on November 6, 2017 by in Insurance tip

    When met with an accident, it is common to be stressful and we gladly accept any help that come forward.  Tow Truck operators are usually the first to reach the accident scene.  They seem to be very knowledgeable and helpful, offering all sort of advises from repair cost, to insurance claim etc.  The best part is that they seem to represent all the insurance companies, and can assist you in filing for insurance claim.

    BUT Beware!  You need to know their modus operandi.  These tow truck operator make a living out of you, they milk you from towing service and offering your damaged car to highest workshop bidder.  They don’t represent your insurance panel workshop, but instead ask around among these workshop whom is willing to pay them the highest commission.

    YES, these tow truck operators get a commission of the repair cost from the workshop, whom will claim from Insurance companies.  To reap higher commission from repair cost, it is common that they “add” more damage to your vehicle in their back yard so to increase the repair cost.

    While you think it does not affect you since everything will be taken care of by your insurance company. But you actually do not know what precisely happen to your vehicle in their back yard, could your part be replaced with inferior part before your car are send to the workshop?

    Also the time needed to repair your car will be extended due to the”added” damage,  waiting for replacement parts etc.  If you have under-insured your vehicle, you will have to bear the inflated cost too.

    SO, remember, no matters how stressful you are during the accident, stay claim and call your insurance accident assist number for help.  They will send authorised Tow Truck from their Panel workshop to assist you.  At least, you know that your vehicle is kept safe from further damages and you know precisely where is your vehicle towed to.

    These panel workshop can assist in filing for insurance claim much faster and can start repair work once the necessary documents are in placed.  Many a time, these panel workshop can start work even without the approval from Insurance company if the repair is within the approved limit.

    Thus, no matter how confused and stressful you are, just call your insurance accident assist.  For Allianz, call 1800 88 6278, Liberty 1800 88 5005 and Zurich at 1300 88 6222.

    For insurance claim procedure, please read more here – http://renewinsurance.com.my/faq/insurance-claim-procedure/

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  1. […] Inform your insurance – Notify your insurance as soon as possible. If you have a agent, notify your agent is equal to notifying your insurance company as the agent represent the insurance company. They can advice you the next course of action. Get your car towed if it is severely damaged and need towing. ONLY have your car towed by authorized tow truck arranged by your insurer. NOT anyone claimed to represent your insurer. Call 15500 accident assist or your specific insurer care-line and wait for the specific tow truck to arrive. Read HERE why you should not get anyone to tow your car. […]

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