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    Posted on December 29, 2015 by in About Car Insurance

    Have you checked if your driving license has expired?  Many a time we forget to check and continue driving without being aware that our driving license may had expired.  In an unfortunate event that you are then involved in an accident, you must be make aware of the serious consequences.

    If you are not aware of your driving license had expired and upon you making the traffic accident report, assuming that you are at fault, you will be required to produce your driving license.

    Now, the real problem!  The police officer notices that your driving license expired, thus, you are driving without a valid license.  You are now faced with a bigger problem – Your Car Insurance.  You may be thinking that you are well covered by your car insurance, but in fact, NO!

    When you are driving without a valid license (or expired license), you are in fact not license to drive.

    Your car insurance policy states clearly as below:


    We will NOT pay for any liability under the following circumstances:

    1. If You or any person with Your consent are not licensed to drive the vehicle except if You or any person with Your consent has held and is not disqualified from holding or obtaining such a licence to drive Your Vehicle under any required laws, by-laws and regulations.

    So, the insurance companies will not cover your damages as well as damages to third party.  You will be liable for all these damages.

    Check your driving license now and make sure it is still valid.

    If your driving license has expired, get your friend to drive your car and you proceed to renew your driving license at the nearest Pos Office or JPJ office.

    In an unfortunate event that your car is involved in an accident driven by your friend, at least your insurance policy is still in force, as the vehicle is driven by a licensed driver, with your authorisation.  You will have to pay for RM400 excess for letting your vehicle driven by a non-name driver, but it is still better than you drive your car with an expired licence, which insurance companies will not pay you.

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