• New APP to fight against double parking

    Posted on December 29, 2015 by in General News

    It has come to our knowledge that there is a new mobile APP in the market that fights against double parking and other related minor traffic offences.

    Known as Citizen Squad, it allows registered member to report irresponsible road user who indiscriminately parked their car, which result in traffic obstruction. Citizen Squad APP allows the user to snap a photo of the incident, with the date and time automatically created together with GPS location tagged, so user will only need to key in the vehicle registration number plate and add comments to describe the situation.

    This Double Parking APP hopes that by publishing these irresponsible act, it will help to deter others from doing the same, thus create the awareness and educate road users to be more responsible and park their vehicle in designated areas.

    While many will complain that there are insufficient parking, thus lead to them double parking, or park at other area such as back lane, TNB box etc. In fact, there is usually a multi-level car park near these busy commercial areas, such as USJ, Bandar Puchong, PJ etc. Just that many people choose not to pay for parking, as well as additional walking distance.

    The creation of this APP is timely as Malaysian Road Users must learn to respect other road users. Double parking is not an excuse when there are car park available. Many just wanted the convenience and free parking without thinking about the inconvenience they caused to others.

    Malaysia cannot progress to become a developed nation when we are maintaining a third world mentality.

    Car users must learn that driving a car comes with responsibilities and car must be parked at designated area. Paying for parking is an act of a responsible driver.

    Parking at car parking would actually save you money. Firstly, your car is unlikely to be vandalised (caused by those whom your car obstruct), and you can have a peace of mind.

    Download Citizen Squad APP and together we create the awareness toward responsible driving.

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