• Compensation for Assessed Repair time (CART)

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    CART means a reasonable amount payable by third party insurance companies as compensation for loss of use of vehicle.  When your vehicle is involved in an accident, where you are not at fault and you are claiming against another party insurance.  You may be inconvenienced without your vehicle.  So, in such case, you can claim for CART as you are not the party at fault in the accident.

    But bear in mind that the number of days allowed for CART is based on insurance loss adjuster’s recommendation on the number of working days estimated to repair the accident-damaged vehicle and not the number of days the accident-damaged vehicle is at the workshop. Accordingly to PIAM guideline, you can claim RM30, RM40 and RM50 per day accordingly to your vehicle cc up to 1500cc, 1,500cc to 2,000cc and above 2,000cc respectively.

    Alternatively, you may also claim the cost of hiring a replacement vehicle of equivalent type and capacity for the recommended number of days of actual repair time as evidenced by a receipt from a licensed car rental company.

    So, if your car is a Perodua kancil, don’t rent a Toyota Estima!

    To avoid this inconvenience about getting a replacement while your car is in workshop, if you have subscribe to Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior, you can get Free Replacement Car from 5-9 days depending which plan you sign-up for.  Consider getting Enhanced Road Warrior whenever you renewed your car insurance with Allianz.  Click here for  more benefits of Enhanced Road Warrior.

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